Yes! Here is my photo,picture and wallpaper(s) collection.

Haruhi Wallpapers

Some walls is not 1024x768 but if u familiar with ACDsee it's so easy to adjust its resolution but for someone who don't get any idea how,the step is here :

1.Open any wall with ACDsee

2.Select "Tools" > "Reside" (or press "Ctrl+R")

3.Choose "Pixels":Enlarge or reduce to ,then key in your desired resolution (example is :1024x768)

4.Simple click "OK",job done


Easy,isn't it?


Today is 31Dec so,Bye Bye 2007!


>>>SORRY!! Already edit target URL now, just click and enjoy<<<

edit @ 31 Dec 2007 19:56:47 by Katsuka Kyousuke




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